Social Responsibility


In Transportes Pitic we’re fully committed with the sustainability in our operations, and we will always ensure the quality of life of our employees with honest and ethical dealings, always attentive to the needs of our community and respecting the environment in every activity that we undertake.

We integrated into our annual business strategy project the development and monitoring of CSR programs that positively impact our society as a differentiator and competitive advantage.

We adopt as part of our CSR strategy the following 10 compromises:

  • To search the sustainability of the company, contributing to the development and social welfare.
  • To consider the necessities of our surroundings in the business decision- making and the business strategies definition, and collaborate in their solution.
  • To make public our compromises with the society and measure our achievements.
  • To live under participatory leadership, solidarity, service and respect of human dignity schemes.
  • To encourage the personal and professional development of the working community of the company.
  • To support social causes alike to our company as a business strategy.
  • To respect, preserve and generate the ecological environment in each one of our operation processes.
  • To invest in talent and resources in benefit of the groups and communities we operate in.
  • To participate in alliances with civil and government organizations to contribute to the common good.
  • To encourage and support our staff, shareholders and suppliers to participate in the investment and social development inversions.

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A commitment that active us!
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Sustainability Report 2020